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Cusco Attractions

Cusco has many different attractions worth visiting, including Inca ruins, museums, and churches. The highlights of Cusco are

Plaza de Armas

Cusco Main Square

The Plaza de Armas de Cusco or the main square of Cusco is a fusion of the old with the modern and the focal point of the picturesque city of Cusco. Stand in the center, next to the Pachacuti Fountain, and admire the panorama of Spanish colonial buildings, such as the imposing Cathedral of Cusco and the Iglesia La Compañía de Jesús, the shops and restaurants that surround the manicuredgardens.

Cristo Blanco

Cristo Blanco

To know the best viewpoint of the city of Cusco, visit Cristo Blanco or El Cristo Blanco. This gigantic statue was built on top of Pukamuqu Mountain and is surrounded by fascinating Inca sites.

Piedra de los 12 angulos

Stone of the 12 Angles

The city of Cusco is an open-air museum, and you might walk past this spectacular stone without even realizing it! The stone of the twelve angles is one of the most impressive examples of Inca stonework, minutes from the main square of Cusco.



Originally a temple dedicated to the sun god Inti, Coricancha was the most important temple in the Inca Empire. It is now an example of hybrid Inca-Spanish architecture that makes the city of Cusco so unique.


San Blas neighborhood

San Blas is the most picturesque neighborhood in the city of Cusco and is located a few steps from the main square of Cusco. This neighborhood dates back to the Inca empire and boasts some of the best views in Cusco. Recommended to have a coffee with views of the sunset in the city.

Las mejores Montaคas

The Best Mountains

In the last years, the mountains of Cusco are making visitors fall in love, so many have 1-day plans to visit the Montaña Colores Vinincunca, Palccoyo, and the Turquoise Lake of Humantay. Each destination is 3 hours by car from Cusco.

Valle Sagrado

Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley is a perfect destination to acclimate to the altitude, enjoy an ATV tour through maras, visit its Inca ruins distributed throughout the valley or take horseback excursions with views of the Andes mountains and hotel properties. luxury nestled in serene landscapes.

Mercado san Pedro

San Pedro Market

A visit to the San Pedro Market is one of the best things to do in Cusco. Shop for Peruvian souvenirs, sample uniquely flavored fruits from local farmers, and immerse yourself in the bustling hub of local activity.



You can tour on horseback the surroundings of the masonry of the Incas in the citadel of Sacsayhuaman. Gigantic blocks have been expertly placed without the use of mortar and, despite the elements, stand tall and firm to this day. This site is where the Inti Raymi festival takes place every June.

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Museums in Cusco

Having a free day in Cusco can be useful to visit at your own pace the following museums such as the Contemporary Art Museum, the Regional Historical Museum, the Popular Art Museum, the Qosqo Native Art Center & the Inca Pachacuti Monument, ask at the reception of your hotel by the location of each one.


Cusco’s elevation is 11,150 feet (3,400 meters) above sea level. He is tall enough to have symptoms of altitude sickness.

Cusco has a wide variety of tours for thrill seekers. Options include the vigorous Rainbow Mountain hike, ATV tours in Maras & Moray, Laguna Humantay Hike, Short Inca Trail, mountain biking, and river rafting.

The best Cusco tours for couples are a cultural tour of the city of Cusco, an insight into local life with a visit to the Great Sacred Valley, and a challenging but scenic hike to Rainbow Mountain or Humantay Lagoon.

Cusco offers countless tours for the whole family. Some of the best family tours are the cultural tour to the Sacred Valley as well as chocolate-making workshops, horseback riding near the ruins of Cusco, and tours of the Cusco planetarium.

You may present symptoms of altitude sickness during the day 1-2 days. We recommend two days in Cusco or one day in Cusco and one day in the Sacred Valley to be well acclimatized for your tour of Machu Picchu.

We suggest being well hydrated and drinking plenty of water the entire time you are at a high altitude. Take it easy on the first day, avoid long walks, and alcohol, and eat light meals. You can also try local remedies such as coca tea or sweets that abounded during your visit.

Making the least effort in Cusco while acclimatizing to the altitude includes: A short tour of the city of Cusco. For something more adventurous, but not too strenuous, an ATV tour is a good option.

The best time to visit Cusco is during the dry season from May to September. Taking into account that temperatures can be lower at this time of year, especially at night and early in the morning, the days are sunny with higher temperatures.

Cusco has an incredibly wide variety of hotel options, from luxuriously converted palaces to colorful boutique hotels and budget options. All types of travel budgets are catered for. Our top hotel recommendations in Cusco include:

  • Hotel Belmont Nazarenas 5 star superior
  • Inka Palace 5 Stars
  • The 4-star Superior Market
  • Novotel Boutique Hotel 4 stars
  • Casa San Blas 3 star superior
  • Casa Andina Standard 3 stars
  • Amaru Inca I 2 Stars


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