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We start the excursion. We head to Lambayeque and visit the Logia House (Montjoy House), built in the XVI century. It has a carved colonial balcony which is considerated the longest balcony in Perz because of its 67 meters. The architecture of this colonial house is impressing, presenting wide walls and big patios, stais and balconies, inside had upto 30 rooms. Then we will tour the city and the San Pedro church, the main park and the Statue of Venus. Then we will visit The Bruning Arachaeological National Museum, which houses the "Room of the Gold", showing more than 500 pieces of Goldsmith. We can also learn here about the more than 50 years of Hand Heinrich Brüning research, founder of the Museum. Finally we make a visit to the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum in Lambayeque, where we find the original remains of the Lord of Sipan, and also more than 400 pieces like: earrings, necklaces, jewelry, ornaments and headdresses made of gold, silver, turquoise, spondyllus, cotton and feathers.

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