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Chiclayo "City of Friendship", located in the department of Lambayeque in northern Peru, offers visitors and tourists a variety of tourist destinations, among which are, archaeological sites, museums, relics and more. .. inherited from an ancient past, the same that make a big part of the history of Peru.


In the city of Chiclayo also find all the comfort of a pleasant stay, with many hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, recreation centers, tourist routes, transport companies. At the same time you can enjoy meals and drinks typical of our city, region and the charm of our customs ...


The City of Friendship, Chiclayo, is one of the important cities of Peru that was not founded by Spanish conquistadors, their official recognition as a province was managed by our national hero Jose Leonardo Ortiz and countersigned by decree of April 18, 1935.


Lord of Sipan

Chiclayo is said, comes from Chidayep or Chiclayoc, which are essentially mochicas words, meaning "green hanging" (probably the bedbug or cipche), another version from the etymological point of view, in Mochica language, are similar words to Chiclayo, for example Chiclayap or Chekliayk, which means "place where there are green branches".

Municipality of Chiclayo

The District of Chiclayo, is located in the northeastern part of the province its name, located between the rivers Reque and Lambayeque. Limited by the north with the districts of Lambayeque, Jose Leonardo Ortiz and Picsi the north, the east with Pomalca; while in the south Monsefú and Victoria and the West with Pimentel.


It was created at the time of independence being shaped their territory so they are now districts Pimentel, Leonardo Ortiz, La Victoria and Pomalca.


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